A scientific expedition cancelled because of ice melt

Dimitri, a young scientist member of YO!, was on the Amundsen boat to participate in a scientific study on the ecosystem of the Hudson Bay. Expedition cancelled because of one effect of Climate Change, ice melt.

He should have gone far in the North in the Hudson Bay to study the changes in the local ecosystem due to Climate Change. Ironically enough, the scientific expedition was cancelled because of extreme weather events amplified by Climate Change (A massive climate change study is canceled … because of climate change).

Warming of the the North Pole ice sheets, and their successive melting, creates large ice chunks that invade Northeast coast of North America . Such phenomena was exemplified recently with the gigantic fraction and dislocation of ice in Antarctica (Large ice sheet ‘very close’ to breaking away from Antarctica – CNN).


©Dimitri Kalenitchenko

Far in the North, similar processes drive similar consequences. In June, the Strait of Belle Isle was made very difficult to navigate because of extreme ice conditions. The ship, belonging to the government of Canada, was requested to supply and rescue missions.

Dimitri explains >> here << more in detail in this interview (in French) the reasons of the cancellation.

And be prepared, we will publish here his short, but nonetheless exciting, logbook of this experience.

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