What are our members are doing? What are their professional activities? Léa Lebechnech, Fisheries Project Manager

Léa Lebechnech is currently Project Manager of ORFISH, a European project aiming to find innovative solutions for the sustainable development of small-scale fisheries in the European Outermost Regions (Azores, Madeira, Canaries Islands, Guadeloupe, Martinique, la Réunion, Mayotte).   Here is what a typical day on a mission is like for her:

I recently went on 2 missions, one in Madeira and one in the Azores, in order to support the work of ORFISH partners in finding innovative solutions for protecting coastal fishing resources.
Here is what a typical mission day looks like for a young professionnal working on innovative solutions for the costal small-scale fisheries:
The most important thing is to know and to be really aware of the work and the life conditions of fishermen. That is why going to the harbours and meeting them is a necessary step for involving the fishermen in the work and make them understand the challenges that the planet has to face.

During the day, we organised workshops with all the partners of the project. Sometimes it is also necessary to make presentation in front of a big audience, in order to present the work done and good practices already used in other European areas – a great inspiration for finding innovative and diversification solutions to preserve marine coastal resources!

Inspiration can also come from others. For example, in some Outermost Regions, they learned how to fish less but more sustainably and efficiently. The Guadeloupean fishermen are using moored fish aggregating devices (MFAD), which enable them save fuel and fishing time. They do not need to fish as much to make it profitable. Such a technique is neither used in Madeira, nor in the Azores. Consequently, the project is developing similar equipment in these two outermost regions. Then, it will be monitored regularly in order to get scientific results and conclude on the usefulness of the equipment for the fishermen in these regions.

Everyday, I am involved in finding solutions, in protecting our ocean and our fish! Let’s keep learning and educating to protect the marine life we rely on!

Léa Lebechnech


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