In a nutshell


Youth for Ocean! (aka YO!) is an international and interdisciplinary youth association which aims at communicating scientific knowledge in order to inform policy-making.

YO! started out as an offspring of FACT-O (French Ameri-Can Climate Talks on Ocean), a lecture series created after COP21. FACT-O strove to inform the public, the media as well as politicians on the issues of ocean health by launching a series of talks in France, Canada and the United States.

YO! proposes to keep up the work and spread the good word. YO! is a youth group composed of 26 members, mostly students, all volunteers, spread across the United States, Canada, and France. All of our members have an academic background in social or natural sciences, and sometimes both. We bring all of this knowledge together to propose sustainable solutions for a better future.

We believe that the ocean plays a crucial, yet underrated, role in addressing climate change. Our goal is to change this situation. We have three main objectives to achieve this:

  • Provide an innovative outlook on the links between climate change, oceans and societies;
  • Promote dialogue between scientific actors and society at large by sharing our results and reflections;
  • Seek a greater and better integration of the ocean within international climate negotiations.

“Most of the existing models and scientific forecasts provide evidence to say: we must act now!” – Louise Ras, June 8th 2016, UNESCO headquarters

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