Our interventions


In Youth for Ocean!, we think that our generation has a right to speak its mind to the decision makers. After all, it is our generation that is most concerned by the consequences of climate change, and will have to deal with it. You can find here some words we said during international events. We believe exchanging can make people move, like a wave.

We intervened in the following events:

World Oceans Day 2016

Ocean and Climate Forum, COP22, 2016

Side event: “A bridge between science and policy” in COP22, Marrakech

First meeting of the Ocean and Climate Initiatives Alliance, UNESCO headquarters

This network will be our base to raise the voice of this generation. We will work like a flower, working in symbiosis with the soil, exchanging nutrients and other inputs, working in common to grow and flourish. We take the opportunity to give a voice to people working on the field.

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