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Claire Bertin (President) – Engineer in Marine Environment, Claire works at the Institut océanographique Paul Ricard. Since her childhood, she has been passionate about the sea and the marine environment. She crossed many seas before anchoring to a home port…

Victorien Point (Treasurer) – Recently graduated from UPMC (masters in ecology and management of innovation), Victorien joined YO! in 2016 following a conference he organized on ecological issues impacting the ocean. Since then, he has been gladly participating in the association’s work.

Julien Voyé (Secretary) – Graduated in Political Science, and specialized in Environmental Policy and Africa, Julien was first caught up in the wave in Mozambique, the day he went swimming on the beach opposite Maputo where it was not fish but lixo (trash) coming from the city that swam around him.

Clara Grillet (Vice-Secretary) – A serious globe trotter, Clara has found herself drawn to the seas after she found herself walking for miles along a plastic-covered beach in the Caribbean. Since then, she has earned a degree in Business Law and has taken up fighting against plastic pollution wherever she goes.

Bleuenn Guilloux – Doctor in the Law of the Sea and passionate about scientific exploration, Bleuenn makes the useful and the agreeable work together…

Léa Lebechnech (Communication) – Engineer in agronomy specialized in fisheries and aquaculture science,  Léa is currently trying to find regulatory and operational solutions to protect coral reefs and associated ecosystems.

Romain Schumm – Jurist in International Law of Environment and impassioned by the oceans, Romain surfs every wave that enables ocean protection.

Bertrand Delorme –  Enjoying surfing and swimming in his young age, Bertrand has forged his environmental ocean awareness for a long time and is now conducting his PhD in physical oceanography.

Adrien Comte – Adrien is doing a PhD in Economy of the Environment  in Brest, homeland for bon-vivants and sailors. After studying climate change in the United States, he became passionate about the marine environment and started his PhD on coral reefs.

Audrey Hasson – Audrey is doctor in Physical Oceanography, specialized in the study of water bodies with satellite measurements. She concentrates her work on salinity variability at the ocean surface. Audrey travels the world to continue her international collaborations and is involved in oceanographic campaigns, notably in the tropical Pacific and the Antarctic.

Kirk Sato – Kirk earned his PhD in Biological Oceanography from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography where he studied sea urchins and climate change in the deep sea. His interdisciplinary studies have led him to collaborate with various stakeholder groups in industry, policy, and coastal resource and water quality management. He will soon move to Japan to begin a post-doctoral research position at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

Louise Ras (Communication) – Easily found on a sailboat or near the sea, Louise has a Masters degree in International Relations and Political Science to better protect the ocean and sea she sails on.

Laura Coquereau (Communication) – Doctor in Marine Biology and specialist of the shrimp’s song, she would be happy to help you discover marine sounds ! She is now scientific mediator and workshop designer on marine topics.